We are committed to creating a safe and conscious space that provides tools, techniques, and practices for transformation and awakening.

Our events are highly experiential and focus on education around Neo-Tantra and the Intimate Arts for deeper connection with self, others, and the world around you.

We facilitate conversations, mini-workshops, and live events.

Your guides Jennica Mills, Laura Rose and Soleiman Bolour.

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Jennica’s extensive work in somatic (body-based) therapies, trauma recovery and sexual wellness gives way to a unique perspective on how we can experience physical, emotional, and mental freedom.

She has a private practice in San Diego (and online) where she facilitates somatic trauma release, sexual wellness coaching and intimate arts through ancient Tantric practices and modern day sexology.



Laura Rose is a cosmic musician and vocal empowerment pioneer with over a decade of experience as a board-certified music therapist and advanced yoga teacher. She blends together modern psychology, sensual embodiment and NeoTantra to inspire others to live their authentic expression and actualize their creative potential.

Laura received her degree in music therapy and vocal performance at the University of Iowa. She specializes in vocal embodiment and sensuality, primarily supporting women to heal the relationship with their voice, expression and sexuality.

Her music has often been described as “other-wordly”and “transcendent”. You can listen to her latest album, “In Essence” on all major platforms. You can also find her on



Soleiman is a facilitator of somatic and intimate arts, workshops and experiences for those ready to take a leap into the unknown and trust they have something to land on.

He is committed to mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional awakening and transformation of self and community. He believes our only limitations are those which we’ve placed on ourselves and made real in our own eyes. Let’s Be Free.


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